Legacy of Korral

The Legacy of Korral is the name given to the pact facilitated by General Korral.


After the Last War of Kath the newly renamed kingdom of Desturma stood victorious with General Korral at its head. Rather than conquer and dominate Skorkea and Nalidäs he chose instead to sign their freedom back to them in exchange for a pact between them; The three kingdoms would remain allies and united in the face of all future adversaries. Under Korral’s leadership the Kingdom of Kath prospered and grew. After years of peaceful relations, other cities looked to join them and soon the meta-nation of Korral was born. While only the loose pact unites them, all stand together as Korrallians.

Member Nations

Kingdom of Kath (also known as the Three Kingdoms of Korral)

Permanent Members

Notable Non-members

  • Nogg
    • Second Yarin Empire

Legacy of Korral

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