Cazeon, called Toan by the natives, is a large volcanic continent to in the southwest corner of Bellan. It was once the seat of power for the conquering Empire of Kaan (also Ka’an). It is mostly a desolate and destroyed wasteland but it’s secrets have drawn in adventurers, scholars, treasure hunters and power seekers from all over the world.


Cazeon is divided into three major regions, each “broken” apart from the others by the violent volcanic and tectonic changes it experienced millions of years ago.

Pre-History (millions of years ago)

During the first cataclysm three enormous volcanoes opened in the oceans and spewed rock, ash, and lava thousands upon thousands of feet height and over the years of twisted torment the world suffered three continents were born. The volcano on Nog became inactive and stilled many eons before sentience spread. Time took its toll on Mt. Gregog and wore it down to a more modest peak. Mt. Rinnyarl continues to erupt to this day and grows taller every day, securing its place a the tallest land in the world. The last volcano was the most violent, ripping apart the land and sky until it collapsed upon itself creating a massive caldera. The volcano was not yet done though as three “smaller” volcanoes began around the crater’s rim. The new eruptions continued to be violent and a pyroclastic storm raged over the center of the crater and ash fell for millions of years, nearly filling the creator. The hardened ash-bed would become known as Ashfall.

Tribes of War (hundreds of years ago)

During the early history various tribes battled with one another in a mindless war with hundreds of sides and never a winner. One of the more powerful but more peaceful races, the uquami (sing. ukama or uquama), tried to avoid war as much as possible for which they paid with their lives. Aogi, son of the chieftess of one of the larger uquami tribes, tired of losing his people, began organizing his tribe into an army. He was a brilliant tactician and quickly his tribe grew as other uquami flocked to them. Aogi became the leader under suspicious circumstances but it was viewed as a boon at the time. The uquami tribes continued to unite, some willingly and some after defeat. It wasn’t long before other races joined as well. As Aogi’s nation grew the uquami became more and more uncomfortable with the violence and the other races. After many years Aogi controlled more than half the population of Cazeon. As the final years of the tribal wars wound down Aogi systematically exterminated every uquama. As the final uquama fell the Empire of Ka’an rose.

Empire of Ka’an (400 to 80 years ago)

Aogi brought Menoch, a chir, to his side and made him General of the Living Armies of Ka’an and pulled the lich, Drikan, out of the shadowrealm to raise and lead the Undead Armies. During this time human and a few elven settlers founded several small towns on the northeast region of Cazeon. Aogi quickly took over all of Cazeon and then began his assault on the world. As the wars raged on and Aogi expanded his domain it seemed hopeless for the dwindling nations. However, in his highest moment, Aogi mysteriously vanished. Ashfall and its powers were deserted.

Race to Ashfall (80 years ago to present)

Now on present day Cazeon nations from all over Bellan race to capture or contain the mysterious powers that lay abandoned in Ashfall.


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